What We Do 

People come to architects to create order and beauty.  Right? Sometimes they come to us to work miracles, and sometimes to just solve problems. We do solve problems, often looking from an angle that is not typical – reframing the view or flipping the obvious solution upside down.  Often that can seem like a miracle because the impact is positive.

We listen, observe, study, and rally around a vision focused on a balanced greater outcome. We map paths to get there. We pinpoint obstacles, then navigate and prototype solutions. 

In essence, when we go about fixing the broken, we invent the new.  

We love making. We make by toggling between the physical and the digital landscape.  Our objective is always to design experiences.  We model prototypes of our physical surroundings to enable experience. We do this by questioning, tinkering, experimenting, crafting, and building upon the knowledge we discover.

We act in behalf of, and as part of our community.

We seek to uncover the most elegant questions, the questions whose answers will yield more meaningful places. What does it really means to leverage design thinking to improve our world? The answer includes social responsibility, and that shifts how we achieve ‘better’ business results.

Asking motivates us:  What is beauty? How can place enhance learning, healing, negotiating, interacting, dignity?

Face to face, our dialogue is fueled by a cross-pollination of experiences. We care that sincere outcomes, order, and beauty grow from understanding people who have walked paths we have not walked.

MHTN Architects propels excellent design through extraordinary environments that focus on people. We believe design is a journey that is both iterative and collaborative.  Our focus is to transform the experiences people have by conceiving energized and meaningful places that embody the unique characteristics of each client's vision and identity.