We are MHTN

We are curious seekers. Our ideal is a place where communication, internal and external, is shared unabashedly, respectfully, and intelligently. 

We are sprinters and we are marathon runners.  We are energetic and flexible. We are multi-generational creators, makers, analysts, advisors, and invigorators.

We are a Collective. We are vested partners in now and in the brighter future.  Our paths are many, and richer than a traditional corporate ladder can provide.  Ladders can be tippy, and great ideas can die at the bottom. Our definition of leadership includes collaborative expeditions, driven by individual passions, and is more akin to a jungle gym of organizing initiatives.

Every day, we demonstrate that integrity matters. Respect is our undercurrent. With true respect, selfishness is humbled and significance is uplifted. We are dedicated to the idea that we make a difference together.

Yes, we are an architecture firm, but our shared alter ego is a community café, an insightful exhibit, a pioneering research lab.  We are not afraid to get our hands dirty.

We live the mantra Beauty Erases Scars, in pursuit of places that heal, inspire, and impact our human tangible environment positively.

MHTN is a Utah based firm that is grounded in more than 90 years of professional service.  We take pride in listening to and innovating with our local and regional clients as partners. Our passion and in-depth knowledge of human environments has lead MHTN to be invited to design a multitude of regional projects, with collegiate projects across the nation.  We deliver expertise and technical knowledge through our committed, responsive, and inclusive leaders to ensure that great visions are made real.