Wellness on the Academic Campus

The Five Essentials of Well-being

Wellness is a pursuit that can promote positive shifts in human environments.  The idea of wellness reaches from an attitude to a physical state of being.  Our physical environment can be healthy or unhealthy.  It can encourage or inhibit us from doing what we do best.  The spaces we move through, and inhabit each day, can inspire or discourage our mental outlook.

Social researchers identify a core set of needs that lead to every human's sense of well-being.  MHTN taps into five essentials of well-being to produce healthy Academic Campuses:

  1. Belonging
  2. Efficiency
  3. Togetherness
  4. Tranquility
  5. Wonder

We believe that architecture can, and should, rise higher than the basic levels of providing shelter or enclosing space.  Excellent design and planning can convey symbolic meaning representing values, goals, and principles esteemed important by project owners and users.

MHTN Architects services include contextually based master plans, programs, and designs a variety of environments locally, regionally, and nationally.  We would love to hear from you for any project in any location.

For more information about Wellness on the Academic Campus, and to receive a complimentary guide please inquire here. 

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