EECTA's Box City



A dedicated group of MHTN designers shared their talents with some especially unique students over the past three months.  Paired with Beacon Heights and Draper Elementary, they accepted the challenge to help 4th and 5th grade students design and build a city of their own. 

"Box City” is an 8-week course run through EECTA (Educating Elementary Children Through Architecture), supported by volunteers, and loved by students.  During these 8 weeks, architects visit classrooms to teach about design concepts such as scale, space, structure, rhythm, and urban planning. After exploring design basics, the students collaborate to make big decisions about what to build, what materials to use, and where roads should connect. 
 With scissors and glue in hand, these students transformed cereal boxes and construction paper into an amazing, vibrant city.  

The box city was on display in the main atrium of the downtown Salt Lake City Library for “Architecture Week,” run by the Utah Center for Architecture.  MHTN thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated this chance to help inspire the next generation of designers!


James Knight, Dan Teed, Karen Cahoon, Brian Hebdon, Ben Hansen

James Knight, Dan Teed, Karen Cahoon, Brian Hebdon, Ben Hansen

Special thanks to Darin Mano, Evan Haslam, Michelle Howard, and Kyle Saunders who were also part of our volunteer teams.