MHTN Professional Spotlight: Mike Wilcox

Here at MHTN, we strive to make visions a reality. We want to recognize those who make this possible by highlighting our talented team members.

mike wilcox architect mhtn

Mike Wilcox mixes his passion for exploration and travel with in an interest in creating beautiful healing environments to MHTN. We asked him to share a bit about himself.  

Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school?

I grew up in Logan, a small town in Utah, and moved to upstate New York to go to St. Lawrence University. After graduating, I worked as an architect for three years in Portland, Maine. In 2008 I moved back to Utah where I finished my Master’s Degree in Architecture at the University of Utah.

When did you first know you wanted to work in architecture?

I never thought of architecture as a possible profession, but I was more certain about my decision after spending my junior year of undergrad in Florence, Italy studying and traveling. That experience helped me realize the important role that architects can play in the development and history of our communities.

What are you passionate about and how does that intersect with architecture?

Since an early age I have had a strong passion and desire to experience other cultures and places. I have traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America during my youth, spending much of my time looking at great architecture - old and new. I spent my summers after undergrad working for architectural firms from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon. Where I was able to combine my love for travel with real world experience in the architectural realm. My passion for combining architecture with world exploration while improving the communities we live in marked a majority of my early adult life.

What do you most love about your current job?

I have been working at MHTN for 4 years now, which is probably a good sign of how much I enjoy my work and my colleagues. For a majority of these years I have been working under the tutelage of David Daining designing and programing health care facilities. Which for me is about creating safe community environments and efficient healing spaces. At MHTN I have also been able to find a way to balance my interest in understanding the ever evolving medical world of healing environments with my interest in traveling.

What are some interesting things about you? What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

I spend much of my free time with my wife Meghan and our friends. We all share a love of the outdoors, golfing, hiking and biking during the summers and skiing at the incomparable and numerous Ski Resorts during the winter months. If I am not in the office you will likely find me up one of the local canyons or vacationing in Maine while enjoying a fresh lobster and a Gritty's summer ale.